How is email marketing efficient for your business?


5 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a method of marketing in which the business sends a message to an individual or a group of individuals through an email. According to Statista, 82% of businesses who market their brand digitally were using emails in 2020.

That may sound alarming to you, but we are here to explain why email marketing is beneficial for a business.

Read on to learn why email marketing should be a part of your digital marketing plan.

It is extremely cost-effective

According to Statista, “companies can expect up to 45 U.S. dollars for every ad dollar spent”, which shows that email-marketing has a fruitful return on investment and is advantageous for businesses. Also, a single email has the capacity to include a huge amount of content so you can communicate your brand and its vision thoroughly to your audience.

While writing emails, you can attach several attachments of images, videos and even files. Emails can increase visual appeal which is attractive to your audience and create a campaign that stays memorable for your customers. You can even send flyers or other promotional graphics as email-attachments.

It alerts your audience

Around 50% of email users have the email application downloaded on their smartphones which means they receive a notification for every email that is sent to them. This makes emails extremely effective as you can notify your customers about campaigns, deals or any other information that you wish to market.  

It is for all ages

Although social media has a dynamic environment, emails are still pretty much conventional. Even most boomers (those who were born between 1946 to 1964) know how to send and receive emails as emails were first introduced in 1965. Even Gen Z uses emails for various purposes such as submitting school assignments and applying for jobs(always share easy and relatable examples). Therefore, emails are suitable for all ages.

It is for all ages.

It is convenient to use

Emails are very easy and feasible to use, especially as a brand with a huge target audience. You can create a recipient list and send a single email to up to 1000 recipients within seconds. Emails also have a ‘subject’ line which you can use to summarize the content of your message; you can use the subject feature to add in a creative and catchy line, so recipients are prompted to open the entire email. 

Let’s start setting up your email!

While setting up your email, make sure you use a professional, authentic email address or your audience may confuse you for a scam. We hope these tips prove to be effective for your business! You can always reach out to us for further information on email marketing.