Myths & Misconceptions About Marketing


Marketing includes a broad range of aspects and variations, enough to give birth to a number of myths and misconceptions. Believing in this misinformation can prove to be quite fatal to your company’s sales. So let’s debunk some of the most common marketing myths today!

1. Advertising And Marketing Are The Same:

Advertising is just one step in your marketing plan. While ads are a great way to hook potential customers and get them interested, there should be a few other points in your marketing plan which give customers a reason to stay. So instead of going all out on one ad, you should divide your focus amongst all marketing aspects.

In the US, there are 31.7 million small businesses active, which make 99.9% of the US’s overall businesses. These numbers show how tough the competition is and how important it is to make your product stand apart from the rest. The best way to create a unique and distinguishable identity for your brand is through marketing. This is why big companies like Apple and Disney still advertise their new and existing projects.

3. Good Marketing Gives Immediate Results:

While it’s true that online marketing may give you quicker results than traditional marketing, but even then, some of the most popular online marketing techniques, both organic and paid, can take up to a few months to show results, such as SEO implementation or launching a new side or funnels. So instead of being overly ambitious, you should set realistic goals and expectations when starting a new marketing campaign.

4. Crazy And Expensive Promotions Generate Better Outcomes:

Brands often plan their marketing strategy as, ‘go big or go home’. So they come up with some peculiar marketing tactics which use up their entire budget. This marketing technique is extremely harmful to your brand in the long run as these irrational promotions may generate more attention and leads at first, but none of it will last. In order to create customer loyalty and brand recognition, you need to have a rare and one-of-a-kind campaign to promote your product.

5. Marketing Is Easy:

There’s more to it than just advertising and posting. Marketing takes a huge amount of dedication and patience, and sometimes even money, for your strategy to work. You need to conduct a lot of research to know what the marketplace is like, who your competitors are and what they’re doing to gain attraction, what are the current market trends and so much more.

So, in order to have a successful marketing campaign, you need to commit to the entire process of marketing, not just the promotions.