Where to Find Royalty-Free Images For Your Brand


5 websites for free images

Most of our art is inspired, either consciously or subconsciously, by art that we come across in our daily lives. Although it is convenient to replicate or take inspiration from the work of others, it is illegal and can distort your brand and its image. 

This is where royalty-free images come in. These images can be utilized by anyone, without any cost or ownership rights. 

There are several websites that provide collections of free pictures. Here are some that may help you and your brand.

1. Freepik

Freepik offers 4,143,440 free resources like vectors, photos, PSDs (Photoshop Document), and icons. However, their premium subscription only costs € 7.50 per month and gives you access to 16,265,594 more resources.

You can set filters like age, date, and picture orientation while searching to speed up the process of finding an accurate image for your task.

Unsplash divides its collection of images into sections like “Architecture”, “Fashion”, and “Business & Work” which aids businesses in promptly selecting the right images for their content. An interesting section that can really enhance your brand is “3D Renders” which features exquisite, 3-dimensional images for you to pick and save.

3. Pexels

With over a million royalty-free images and videos, Pexels is an extremely beneficial website for your business. It features mesmerizing videos that will add to the aesthetics of your brand. Every file on this website is free of cost, which makes the searching process easier.

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock has an extensive gallery of almost 4 million stock photos, vectors, and illustrations which are available for royalty-free usage. It also has a filter that lets you search for images based on creators, and their locality. This filter may aid you in creating content that is aimed towards a specific community. Here is an image contributed by an artist based in the United Arab Emirates.

5. Pixabay

You can find a collection of exceptional images here. Besides photos, Pixabay features illustrations, videos, vectors, music, and even sound effects that you can use to add a spark to your brand. The website is focused on quality which will help you give a crisp look to your content.

Dive Into The World of Visuals

Now that you know how to access the world of free images, videos, and audio, we hope that finding the best ones is a piece of cake for you. Good luck with your content, we are sure it will be captivating and awesome!